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Getting started with something new is so exciting and overwhelming all at the same time! I'm super happy to have you here, and I want this to be an amazing place for resources for you! But first, I'd also like to get to know you as a new Team Gorgeous member, so if you can take a few minutes and fill out this form, that would be amazing! :)

If you ever feel stuck at times or feel like you need some one-on-one help or guidance, I open up a limited number of hours each week to help you with whatever you need. Feel like you just need to mastermind some ideas? Want some one-on-one help with a specific situation? You've got it! Schedule below!

As a member of Team Gorgeous, you have access to FREE Custom Business Card Designs, templates, and more through the Artist Store! Use code TEAMGORGEOUS at checkout to use that perk. :) 

You also have access to my library of graphic designs and stock photos for your use! It's an ever growing library and if there is ever an idea for a graphic you would like to see added, please just reach out and let us know!

Here are a some links you'll want to bookmark or keep handy for access:

Maskcara HQ - Password: maskcaratribe
Maskcara Corporate Dropbox
Team Legacy Dropbox
Team Gorgeous Files
Paylution Website

New to network marketing and wondering what all these "Teams" are? I'll give you the rundown! Myself and a few of the leaders above me have given their teams names that are representative of what they believe in. Starting with me, my team is Team Gorgeous. My direct upline is Kati Powell, and her team is Team Legacy... the next true team leader above her is Amanda Earnest who runs Team Freedom and lastly is Kirsten Tyrrel who runs Team Marvelous. You don't necessarily have to remember all that, but because you are technically in ALL of their downlines in the hierarchy of Maskcara, you are part of all of those teams. Don't let the team names confuse you too much... you'll get it eventually, but if you wonder why you're seeing their groups or things like that around... now you know what that all means!

Getting Started

If you want a step by step plan to get you started in your Maskcara business, you can find that plan here. Otherwise, here you will find a lot of training and information to help you, sorted nicely into categories. Below you'll find some of the ones we recommend first in this Getting Started section, followed by others that will help you in various areas of growing your Maskcara business.

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Compensation Plan

Business Tools

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Marketing Tools

Social Media Strategies

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Sales & Parties

Team Training Calls

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Motivational Messages

Recruiting & Team Building

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