Thanks for your interest in Maskcara Beauty Product samples!

I've had an overwhelming response to my sample program, which is a great thing, but there have been some changes made and I'm excited to announce that the sample program has returned.  You can request your samples by clicking through on the product image or title below and adding to the cart what you wish to try a sample of.  You'll only be charged shipping!

Note: Any previous sample requests and programs prior to July 2018 are considered null and void. If you previously requested, you are invited to resubmit your information and participate in this new and improved sample program.

Maskcara Beauty Samples

Maskcara Beauty products are some of the best in the industry! I am pleased to offer samples of these amazing products, in limited amounts - for just the cost of shipping to you!

By requesting samples and paying the small shipping fee, you are agreeing to the terms of the sample program.

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