Your samples have been sent (you may have already received them), but now what?! Below, you'll find videos and information about almost all the sample products I provide. It's my goal to make sure you know what they are, how they work, and why they are amazing!

IIID Foundation

Applying Maskcara is one of the easiest ways I've ever found to highlight and contour your face - which is one reason I fell in love with it! I know that you'll love it as much as I do!

The video below will give you a lot of details as to applying it yourself, but if you're one of those people that wants some one-on-one instruction via Facetime you can schedule that below!

A few things to note when you're getting started with using it:

  • You're going to need a lot less than you think you will, so start with a very small amount first and then add to it if you need to.
  • If it doesn't apply like butter on your skin, we probably need to adjust your shade a little bit.
  • These foundations are creams, which means they are very forgiving to mistakes or over application, so don't be afraid to play with it and see how it works on your skin.

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Tres Leches

Our skincare line, Tres Leches, is so amazing, but has some important differences from other skincare lines you may have used in the past.

  • The cleanser is NOT going to lather on your skin and it has a very liquid consistency. I talk about why in the video below.
  • They have a very clean and natural smell, so if you're the type that hates perfumey smells, you're going to be thrilled and love these products!
  • The MILK Moisturizer is very thick and creamy, but don't hesitate with it because it doesn't leave your skin feeling greasy at all!

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Restore Brush Cleaner

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Stay Setting Spray

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And if you just want to learn more... here are a few videos that will be helpful for you: