A Day With Sue Bryce

Self Value Training

Sue Bryce is one of my favorite mentors that I've ever learned from! She teaches photographers, but is a master at changing your own mindset and I know from experience that her methods work regardless of what profession you are in. This particular presentation was one she gave at a photographers conference in front of a room of several thousand photographers. If you can commit to dedicate the time to watch these videos and put into practice the things she teaches, you will change your life, I promise you that.

You'll find over 20 videos below, broken into shorter segments. Below each video, I share my thoughts and the main bullet point takeaways from the video that you can put into action right away.

Disclaimer: I share these videos with you as a member of Team Gorgeous, but honor policy applies. Please do not share them outside of this page, nor provide anyone else your login to view them. Should you wish to share them with your own team, they all can register for free for their own accounts on this Team Gorgeous training website, so please direct them to do that instead. :)

I Am Important

Choose Your Pain


Supporting Pain


Tipping Point

Take A Knee



What Are You Not Getting

Bring It Back To You

If You Hate It, Look At It


Action and Daily Practice

Empowered Emotional State

What Do You Want

The Wheel of Misfortune

No More and No Less

Your Body

Stop Eating Your Pain

Exist in Photographs

Emotion = Energy in Motion