These are the most popular packages and my best selling products! They are the best way to get started using Maskcara's IIID Foundation and the products that complement it perfectly! This reference page is designed to give you a quick look at the products and prices in a total form. All shopping is done through my convenient online website -

While there is no direct way to purchase these custom packages there, you can simply add the things listed below to your cart (they will link you right to where you need to go) and you're good to go! Note that you won't add a compact, because that will be free and the checkout process will prompt you to select it!

These starter packages are really the best way to try Maskcara and they are made even better by Maskcara's 30 day return / 60 day exchange policy! But if you'd rather try a small single use sample first, you might be interested in my sample program!