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Team Gorgeous

New Artist Training

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Before Your Kit Arrives

Starting the day after you signup to be an artist, before your kit arrives, these are the tasks you'll want to be working on. You'll notice there are gaps in the days, and this is to allow you time to complete the tasks that are going to take you more time than what you can fit into a day. These tasks should fit pretty closely into the amount of time you'll have before you get your kit, if you start on time!

Day 1

☑️ Determine your why. Why are you committed to this business and what is your reason for choosing to start? What is the BEST thing that could happen to you in your Maskcara Business?

Day 2

☑️ Create your social media profiles with the business or name you would like to use to promote your business. I would probably suggest starting with Facebook and Instagram to start.

Day 3

☑️ Create your website and blog on the platform of your choice. I use and recommend Squarespace and that is what I teach in my trainings.

Day 5

☑️ Begin to formulate and create your marketing plan to promote your Maskcara business and your personal brand that we're beginning to create.

Day 8

☑️ Watch and learn from all the Maskcara trainings on color matching and makeup application.

Day 10

☑️ Make sure you learn and understand how to navigate back office and use your system to place orders.

Day 11

☑️ Familiarize yourself with Ask and know when to contact them vs. when to contact your upline.

Day 12

☑️ Know how and when you will get paid from Paylutions.


After Your Kit Arrives

☑️ Plan to do a Facebook Live or Instagram Live or social media post on the platform you plan to promote Maskcara on to show off what came in your kit and announce your new adventure in Maskcara.

☑️ Schedule a Facetime call with your direct upline to go over everything that came in your kit, how to set it up to best work for you, and ask any questions you may have at this point in your training.

☑️ Do your own HAC and share your before and after picture to demonstrate how amazing the product is!

☑️ Set a date for and start planning your launch party! The goal for your launch party should be to sell enough product to get you to Elite HAC-er!

☑️ Ask your friends to let you practice your application technique on them - make sure you ask their permission to take and share before and after pictures, but that's the goal! You want to be able to share these in your own portfolio!

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Continued Training

One thing you'll want to understand right from the beginning is that this business will be a constant state of evolution and learning for you! My intention is to get you started on the path and give you the tools you need to take it from here, but because the path looks so different for everyone, you really have to take initiative and responsibility for yourself and build it in your own way!

You will find endless amounts of training on the Team Gorgeous website - sorted nicely into different appropriate categories. If I can recommend one thing for you to find continued success in your Maskcara business and building your own personal brand identity... it is to NEVER STOP LEARNING. Always be finding inspiration and education and learning how to implement it in your business.

Good luck!

Get Out There Gorgeous