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Maskcara Independent Artist

Getting back to the things you love!

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10 Things You Can Do RIght away

Create a business name

Choosing a business name can feel overwhelming - but really doesn't need to be. There are a few trains of thought around whether you want to operate your business under your own name or under a name you establish. Here are a few things I usually recommend keeping in mind:

  • Is your name easy to spell and or pronounce? If it isn't, then you might consider creating a business name rather than using your own name. You don't want it to be difficult for people to find you!
  • Do you already have a personal brand established on any level? Many beauty bloggers have already established a following under their own names and choose to keep the same for simplicity sake.
  • Is there a word or theme that resonates strongly with you and the Maskcara mission? You can always choose to do something like that for your business name.

Bottom line is... whatever you choose, make it easy and memorable!

create your social media accounts

The best places to start in social media are usually Facebook and Instagram, but it's possible that you have a big following on another platform that you might want to capitalize on. If not, I would recommend starting with the two most common platforms. What you DON'T want to do is try to master and grow a following on all the platforms right out the gate. That's a recipe for overwhelm and you'll set yourself up for failure right away.

Pick one or two that you're fairly comfortable with and start there - work really hard at growing your following and building your presences there before you branch out to other platforms.

You can find more information about the actual process of setting these up and how to do it effectively, here.

download maskcara app


Put Your Maskcara Website Link in Your Bios

Your website link will be something that you created when you setup your account like

Learn about Color Matching

This is probably one of the most widely questioned among artists, but it is the most important aspects of how you will serve your customers. Finding the right color for them is so critical to whether or not they fall in love with the product and we all know that troubleshooting makeup is not fun. So the more you can learn on this topic, the better!

Go through the training videos in the app

This app is an incredible resource for training and learning when you're just getting started. Whether you've learned how to apply this makeup on yourself or not, I strongly recommend watching the training! I definitely learned some things I didn't already know.

You can also find the training videos here on my team website. (I found that once you completed the training on the app, you couldn't go back to reference the videos again so I wanted to make them easily available for you!)

Do a Before & After picture of yourself

Maskcara is a funny product in that, it looks so natural when you put it on that it almost doesn't seem like it's a huge difference - until you look at a side-by-side picture. I did this even after I had been wearing Maskcara IIID Foundation for several months and was still amazed! So imagine how amazed your clients will be...

(I forgot to do a Before & After on my very first customer and I was so mad!)

Practice your application TECHNIQUE

The best people to practice on are family and friends! First, because they'll gladly let you! But second, they'll be honest with you if something doesn't work or look quite right so you can get that out of the way before it's someone that you actually want to impress 😉

Do a 30-day instagram challenge

There are a few reasons you want to do this. First, it'll give you a lot of great photos for your newly established Instagram platform. Second, it gets you thinking more about how you can market your new Maskcara business!

Schedule time to do the 100 days of connection

I chose to do this on my blog, but then I shared each of my blog posts out to social media on all my platforms to get engagement and traffic going to my blog. This whole plan and what to post for each of the 100 days can be found here.



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Things to focus on first

Getting Trained

The training resources available from Maskcara are pretty amazing and I've worked to make it as simple as possible for you to access them and utilize them as a resource. Each training video is less than 10-15 minutes and they will educate you on the basics with the products and using them. 

There are endless resources for you within the Maskcara dropbox and they are constantly updating it, so don't hesitate to use it! There are graphics, videos, and all sorts of things at your disposal there.

Placing your own orders

You can place your own orders in one of two ways. The first way is to place an order in your back office, giving you the 20% base discount on product. The second way is to open a party with you as the hostess and place your own order through the party. Not only will you get the commission off the order, which at the base level is equal to the discount, but you'll also get the hostess rewards. 

Color matching

Within weeks you should be pretty comfortable with color matching, but because it is the area where most Artists really doubt themselves, I want to stress the importance of practicing this on as many people as you can! Here is a guide you can use to reference for color matching. In the vast majority of cases, this guide should give you a really good starting point if not the right color.  

Color matching in person face-to-face is ideal, but it's not always an option and you'll definitely want to learn to color match through a selfie. Have your customer take a picture of themselves with NO makeup on, in natural light. The best way to do this is to have them stand facing a window that DOES NOT have direct sunlight coming in, a couple feet away. Most smartphone cameras these days are pretty capable of getting an accurate color in those conditions.


Finances are an area where a lot of women get themselves into trouble with direct sales. First and foremost, you'll want to setup an account that is TOTALLY separate from your personal account. Then all of the money you have come IN from Maskcara needs to go in this account and all the money you spend OUT FOR Maskcara needs to come out of this account, even if that means transferring from your personal account TO the new account to cover things. Sometimes that is necessary in the beginning.

I have always been a huge proponent of running my businesses completely debt free, so I don't use credit cards or anything of that nature. If you feel like finances are an area you really struggle, I am happy to help you more on this topic. It's the biggest problem point in most businesses and it's critical that you do it right from the beginning or you'll never feel like your business is a blessing for you.

compensation plan

Maskcara's compensation plan is very complex, but in the best ways! It takes a little bit of reading to understand it, so don't get discouraged if you don't get it the first time you read it! The first thing you need to understand is the terminology of the plan.


SV (Sales Volume)

SV is calculated by adding up your sales and personal purchases. This is used to determine active status and/or rank.

TGSV (Total group sales volume)

This is all of your sales and personal purchased as a team combined. This is used to determine rank.

CV (Commission Volume)

CV is used to determine your uplines commission. CV means the wholesale price. (retail price minus 20% discount)


Reach 300, 600, or 900 SV (depending on rank) in calendar month. Being active enables you to receive your downline commission.


When you first enroll an artist directly under you (Level 1), you get a bonus for helping train that artist! We give you an extra 10% on your Level 1 Artists first $800 in sales.


Example: You sign up Jade as your Level 1 Artist. Jade signs up Cara under her, making Cara your Level 2 Artist. If Jade is inactive, Cara will move up to your Level 1 Artist. If Jade becomes active again, she will resume her place at Level 1 and Cara will take her place at Level 2.

Paydays for sales commission is every Friday. Payday for downline commission is the 10th of every month.

You do not receive downline compensation on artist kits.

Here is the complete commission chart! You can click on it to open a new PDF version in another window that is much easier to read.

The infinite downline bonus potential

The leader generation bonus begins when you become a qualified influencer and is based on 2% of Total Group Bonus Value (TGBV) on your downline sales volume for anyone who has not yet reached the influencer rank. Once a downline team member earns influencer rank in your downline they begin earning the 2% and you begin receiving 3% on that influencers TGBV for their entire personal group. 

This is a very new and lucrative bonus. We are still learning more about it and the specifics to achieving it.

What does this mean for you?

What is nice about this structure is it encourages everyone to focus on their first line. You don't have to worry specifically about each line and whether or not they are active. Your priority is your first line as they are your "legs". Speaking of legs, what is a leg of your team? Let's take a look!

Each person you personally sponsor is a "leg" of your team. No matter how many people they recruit, everyone under them including themselves is considered one leg.

In the beginning of your business it is not important to focus on the specifics and numbers of the comp plan, because it will drive you crazy! Start with focusing on being a good leader, getting your own sales... and naturally the numbers will fall into place.

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Because Maskcara gives you exclusive customers, the potential for residual income off sales is greater than your typical direct sales companies. Once you get a client hooked on Maskcara, they will need to reorder every time they run out of something, giving you sales you don't even know you are getting! Because of this we should be placing a huge priority on long term customers just as much as recruiting.

Maskcara was created on a similar premise to other direct sales companies and is built to focus on party based sales. Many Artists are choosing this method of growing their business and seeing great success.

Social Media Parties

Social Media Parties are a huge source of sales. They can be hosted on Facebook, Instagram or any platform really. They should be fun, light, engaging, and comfortable.

Makeover parties

Makeover Parties are in home parties, normally at the hostesses house. This lets women actually try on the product and fall in love with it and how it makes them feel.

Online Sales

Online sales are sales that will come in simply because they see your link somewhere. Always keep your link in your bio or about me section of social media to make it easier for people to order without having to contact you.

My Disclaimer: While many Artists are having huge success doing this business as a party based business, I have personally chosen not to grow my business that way, because I am not interested in that method of selling. Instead, I am focused on finding customers much the same way I found them with my portrait business, through word of mouth and just creating connections with people individually. How you choose to grow your business is entirely up to you and neither method is right or wrong!