It's a common lie told to SeneGence distributors that they cannot participate in another direct sales company. Again, it's a lie!

Here's the section in SeneGence Policy and Procedures where that lie was derived from. The most important part is the highlighted section. This means that you have to keep the two businesses separate. You cannot sell Maskcara at the same place or on the same social media accounts as Lipsense (or any other SeneGence product). Each of your businesses need to have their own social media accounts, and you cannot do in home parties with both products at the same time. 

SeneGence Non-Compete clause - Policy and Procedures

Here is how I suggest you make the transition if you want to continue with SeneGence:

  • Create 2 additional social media groups/pages (whichever you prefer, or both) 1 (or 1 of each) for Maskcara and 1 (or 1 of each) for SeneGence/LipSense.
  • Your existing social media groups/pages that already have your following will get changed to a personally branded page - much like a Beauty Blogger.
  • Don't tell people that you have quit SeneGence, because that will look bad, but instead tell them that you have found another product that compliments LipSense so perfectly that you've decided to offer that as well!

How and why to run 3 social media groups/pages

What you'll end up with is 1 social media page/group/account that is your personal brand - like Beauty • Chelsea Lewis, 1 social media page/group/account that is Chelsea Lewis - Maskcara (or whatever catchy name you come up with!), and 1 will be Chelsea Lewis - LipSense. You can choose to have multiples of each of these in different areas. For example, if you want a group and a page for each, then you'd have 2 for each "brand", etc.

The important part in the policy to note is the "conducting business" part. So you need to conduct business for LipSense on it's own social media account - which is the newly created account you just made. You'll use your personally branded page/group/account is what you'll use to promote any products you love, just the way any Beauty Blogger would. Here are some guidelines as to how you should use your personally branded page/group/account:

You can:

  • Say how much you love it
  • Why you love it
  • What products you love in the line
  • Tag it in pictures where you are wearing it

You Should Not:

  • List prices
  • Conduct sales
  • Take any customer orders or customer info through comments 
  • All of these things should be done on your dedicated accounts for each brand

Important note about the ManaGence Agreement

This is important! If you have signed the ManaGence Agreement that they send you when you hit Countess, you need to email and request to cancel or terminate that agreement. It does prevent you from being involved in another direct sales company, period. You can cancel this agreement and still be a distributor, but you won't be eligible for a car, trips, or any other incentives SeneGence offers. So you will want to make that decision for yourself given all the information.

Having a personally branded social media account is better in so many ways. You can post personal things, funny things, and just have a more well rounded account that gives people the chance to get to know you and trust you. When people know, like, and trust you - they buy from you because you are more credible!

I have several Artists on my team who are currently or have made the transition from SeneGence into Maskcara - some still doing both and others have made the decision to leave SeneGence. If you feel like you still have questions, I'm more than happy to connect you with them and you can ask whatever questions you'd like!