Marketing Blueprint

Michelle McCullough is a dear friend of mine and a fabulous trainer when it comes to marketing! She is really brilliant and helps you lay out exactly what you need to do to create and stick to a consistent marketing plan, and in business and marketing - consistency is literally KEY!

You'll love this training! It is 2 solid days worth, but if you dedicate the time and DO THE WORK, I promise it will take you to the next level!

Here are the worksheets and downloads for this training:


Module 1: Marketing

Module 2: Defining Your Masses

Module 3: Messages - Creating Magnetic Content

Module 4: Mediums - Balancing Traditional & Emerging Strategies

Module 5: Campaigns - Marketing Money Matrix

Module 6: Media & Public Relations Strategy

Module 7: Social Media

Coming Soon!

Module 8: Scheduling and Implementing Your Strategy