In this lesson I talk about my overwhelm and frustration with figuring out my finances in my own business and the journey of how this course was developed. I also talk about what you are going to learn elsewhere (should you decide to go look for education on business finance) and what you will learn in this course - which doesn't exist elsewhere.

In this course, you are going to learn:

  • Some ways to shift your own money beliefs so that you start interacting and creating a healthy relationship with money.

  • How to look at your business from a bird’s eye view and figure out some Projections and the goals to reach those Projections.

  • How to determine the overhead costs of running your business.

  • An overview to Dave Ramsey’s method of budgeting and his Baby Steps - and how to apply those to business using my method.

  • How to budget the money that is actually in your possession...since that’s really all you have to work with anyway.

  • How to get your business debt free and keep it that way...even with growth!

  • How to ensure that YOU are being paid for the countless hours and hard work you put into this business.

  • How to reinvest profit back into your business - and what that actually means!

  • How to track sales and determine averages to improve your Projections - and make them more accurate.

  • How to see if you are hitting the mark - and ultimately, I’d love you to compare this to if you were hitting the mark before using my system and after.


 This is the course workbook - it's the same on every course page, so you don't need to re-download.

This is the course workbook - it's the same on every course page, so you don't need to re-download.



This week your homework is to define which 2 or 3 of the points you’ll learn in this class are the most important to you. If you can really get a solid grasp on 2 or 3 things, which will they be? Doing this is going to give you direction and a goal. It’s also going to gear you up to learn! There’s a good chance that you will learn more than 2 or 3 things, but if you have a goal to be perfect and understand everything at the end of this, you won’t succeed.

The good news is, you’ll have lifetime access to this course - and all the updates that happen to come to it, so you can come back and revisit it anytime you need to.