I’ve received your homework - you should receive an email confirming that as well! I wanted to give you an idea of what that process looks like from here forward…

☑️In about two weeks, you will receive a set of three black/white logo choices from me.

Logo Designs.jpg

☑️You’ll get to make the choice out of those three which logo you like the best. You are allowed a few small changes to it within the program. Small changes are things like fonts, sizing, spacing, etc. The purpose of the program is to get you a logo design that you can use to move forward, not a full custom brand package.

☑️Once you’ve made your decision, you’ll email me and let me know which one, and I’ll put you in my queue to finalize your brand board. This is where I will create final versions of your logo in black, white, and color, select colors for you based on your Pinterest inspiration board, and put together all your brand elements into a set of folders for you.

☑️Your final brand board file will be emailed to you as a Google Drive link where you can access and download all your brand elements.


You can feel free to reach me via email with questions that I haven’t answered here. Please allow at least a full 2 weeks before emailing for status updates on your logo design.