Freebie Design

for Social Tenacity Coaching Programs

Freebie Design

Looking to get your freebie designed for your Social Tenacity coaching program? Here are the A’s to your Q’s! Below, you’ll find the steps to submit the request for your design project. Make sure you read everything before submitting. Note: this is ONLY for those enrolled in a coaching program with Social Tenacity. If you don’t know what that is, this doesn’t apply to you.

How much does it cost?

Freebie Design is billed at $50/hr for design work. Because all freebie’s will vary in terms of length and content, a good estimate is about 30 minutes per designed page - which is more than typed pages. For example, if your typed document is 5 pages, you’ll likely have 7-10 designed pages.

Is this included with my program?

No. This is you opting to work with me on a freelance basis outside of the program, and thus will be billed from me directly. It is FOR your program, but not included with your program, because having your freebie professionally designed is optional, though strongly recommended. Opting to work with me on a freelance basis, enables you to utilize my design services for many things down the road as you grow your business, too. :)

What is the turnaround time?

On my typical schedule, I ask you to allow around 2 weeks for design turnaround once you’ve gotten in my queue. Submitting all the necessary documents is what gets you in my queue. More about getting in the queue below.

What is needed to do the work?

I need you to submit design-ready copy, which means, it is ready to basically copy and paste into the design. It needs to have already been proofread and corrected, and you need to have it exactly as you want it to appear in your freebie. I don’t do copywriting work, so if you need a great copywriter to help you first, reach out and I’ll give you some recommendations. In addition to design-ready copy, I need high resolution branding, photos, and graphic elements that are relevant to your brand and freebie content to include.

What is the process to get in your queue?

That will vary a little depending on whether or not you have worked with me before for freelance design work - NOT including a Logo Design and Brand Board that is included with your Social Tenacity program.

  • If you have worked with me before (already signed a service agreement for freelance work):

  • If you have NOT worked with me before (or have not signed the service agreement):

How do I pay you for the freebie design?

Once the work is completed, I will have tracked the hours worked, and I bill out my hourly work the month following when the time was worked. For example, time worked in February, will be billed out on March 1st via electronic invoice and you can pay the invoice securely online. If your freebie work happens to span two months, you’ll be billed in two separate months for each portion separately. For example, if there is work done the last week of February and the first week of March - you’ll get a bill on March 1st (before the work is completed), for the time worked in February. Then you’ll receive the bill for the remainder of the week on April 1st for the time worked in March.