Why You Want to Run ALL Your Sales Through a Party

I did a Facebook LIVE video to share an amazing amount of product I got for a steal all because I ran all of my sales for the month through a party with me as the hostess. This is huge and you get a giant benefit doing it!

  • You'll give up earning your commission on the front end of your own purchases where you COULD buy at wholesale, but you'll get hostess credit and half off items on the back end.
  • Your commission will be paid out on your account - making the commission factor a wash.
  • I chose to start with the smaller Artist Kit, so that I could take advantage of buying things in a more spread out manner and I was able to get more makeup for less or the same amount of money in the long run.

I ended up with $407 dollars worth of makeup for $143 by doing this. Be smart with the hostess rewards!