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Reaching out on Social Media

Reaching out on social media is one of the most terrifying things you'll have to learn to overcome in this business. It eludes a lot of artists because they are too afraid to try it and they let their excuses get in the way of their success. Those excuses look a lot like fear.

In this video training, I'm talking about why it's important to reach out on social media, how to create your reach out messages, and where to find people to reach out to.

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Website & Blog Intro Training

Having a website and/or blog can be really helpful in success with your business! It can help provide a place to educate your customers and make your process duplicatable, but also create a place for you to be found in searches.

In this training, I'll give you an overview of some ways a website can help you and a bit of help getting started with how I have built my website.

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