Making Samples 101

One of the best ways I've found to build my customer base and get the product on more faces than I can reach in my local vicinity is to create samples of the product for people.

In the video, I talk about how I actually make the samples and below I will link each of the products I use to assemble them.


These trays are what I use to put the IIID Foundation Samples in.

These baggies are the next step and I think are important so as to keep your foundation contained a little more and not have it get all over anything else you might include in your sample mailer.

If you're planning to do samples of Stay Spray, you can pick up these little bottles, and I think half a bottle of Stay should do around 50 of these for samples.

These jars are great for samples of MILK Moisturizer, and it seems that a jar of MILK would do about 30 of these jars with a pretty generous scoop in each.

And lastly, these are the mailers I use to send everything. I also include a business card and if you wanted, you could include a little card talking about the MILK and Stay Spray so they know what it is. I choose to email them when I send their samples so they know to expect it and I include a bunch of information about the products in that email - which saves me on having to print things, since I don't charge for samples. I want to keep the costs as low as I can.


All in all, my sample program has been incredibly successful and beneficial to growing my customer base! I strongly recommend it and my team has been seeing success from it as well!