Last Week of March

Weekly Planning.jpg

I'm not sure how it's ALREADY the last week of March AND the last week of the first quarter of the year! We're 1/4th the way through the year already?!

That should demonstrate a real need for planning, in and of itself! When you can start to see just how fast time flies if you don't plan, you see just how quick you'll delay things that you said you wanted to do a month ago. Guilty of that myself. I noticed something today that I said I would do on the 8th. It's the 25th now. 😳

So, let's not delay any longer on getting this week's plan on paper! In my effort to help you be more successful in your own business, I'm sharing my weekly plan for my business with you. Copy it exactly if you wish, or take the ideas and make them your own!

But plan something! For heavens sake, plan SOMETHING to take a step forward in your business!

  • Monday
    • Reach out to all of my SLC area contacts for Makeover appointments while I'm visiting next week.
    • Bake a birthday cake for my dog and go on a birthday hike. (It's his birthday!)
    • Mail out a couple of the samples that are ready to send.
    • 10/5/3/2/1 - If you don't know what this is, reference this blog post.
  • Tuesday
    • Plan April Team Challenge
    • Send custom palette builder link to every person who has submitted my color match quiz but not purchased yet.
    • Reach out to my customers to reorder with NEW amazing direct product links!
    • 10/5/3/2/1
  • Wednesday
    • Write and post blog post with Eyeshadow School Videos
    • Update the sample instruction video for my website
    • 10/5/3/2/1

You'll notice I really am only planning tasks for 3 days of the week, but the rest of the days I will still do 10/5/3/2/1 everyday and I will still be on social media interacting and actively messaging people. I also will still be responding to my team on a lot of things.

One of the greatest things about this business is that, you can work when it works for you. I tend to shuffle around my workdays because my husband has such a crazy rotating shift schedule, but my number one priority is always spending time with him when he's not working. So, my week shuffles around a lot, but it works for me! In addition to his crazy rotating shift, he also works 4 10's, so that generally only leaves me 4 days of working.