Intro to Email Marketing

Email marketing is not only powerful, but necessary in any small business. In this training, I talk about some ways you can begin to incorporate email marketing strategy and how it can help you grow.

Some main bullet points from the training:

  • Email marketing is your home court. You aren’t at the mercy of social media algorithms for people seeing your emails.
  • If you build a strong and loyal list, your customers will open your emails and it can prompt a lot of sales if you do it right.
  • Use it to send your customers information, tips & tricks, sales, events, etc.
  • Use it to educate your customers when they are new about the products and troubleshooting
  • Use it to educate new artists who join your team on what to do to get started
  • Offer free samples - I have a “sample waiting list”
  • Offer a guide to the best makeup tips you have
  • Offer $5 off a brush (which you can do with the artist special on brushes) if they sign up
  • Give them something in exchange for their email address. People don’t want to willy nilly give out their email in fear of ending up with a crapload of spam. Keep their trust and don’t do this.
  • Don't always make it about selling!