How to Grow your Basic Kit to a Pro Kit (and more!)

Basic Kit to Pro Kit.jpg

I chose to start Maskcara with just the Basic Kit with a strategy in mind to grow my kit over a short period of time to the pro kit. My growth took me about a month, but yours could be much shorter or a little longer. In this step-by-step plan I'll share how I grew my kit.


Purchase the Basic Kit - 18 IIID Foundation Tins (and everything else that comes with it!) - $199


Purchase your empty Pro Compact - $45 and MUST be purchased via Back Office and not through a party

Note: The Pro Compact DOES NOT come with the Pro Kit purchase, but I highly recommend purchasing it and I've added it in to the cost in the end.


Create a party in your Back Office with YOU as the Hostess
Place an order in that party for the missing foundation tins from your Basic Kit - this should be approximately 6 tins.
Add the Bronzer Bundle to the order for $40 - this will get you the Cayman Bronzer and the B Squared Brush
Add the Detail HAC Brush (Artist Special) for $30

This order will likely be about $150


Hustle and sell until your party reaches $1000 in Sales - earning you $200 in product credit and 4 items at half off
Place your hostess order using your 4 half offs to get a Double Decker compact, a jar of MILK, the Multitasker Brush, and a bottle of Stay Spray
Add the Eyeshadow collection to your order for $203

Your order subtotal should be around $68 for ALL of that product!

What you will end up with is everything the Pro Kit offers... and more! The Pro Kit will include only 12 Eyeshadows, NO Stay Spray, 1 Less Foundation Tin, and NO Pro Compact.

The Pro Kit is $399 and out of pocket for the above strategy you will only be $462 - and you benefitted by being able to spread the cost out a little bit more!