2017 Recognition! You are all amazing!


I've been so excited to write this post and share with you my pride for the hard work and dedication you have all put in, but even more so for the wins that I've seen along the way. You have done makeovers, created blogs, shared your little hearts out, learned countless new things, supported each other, made new friends, pushed yourselves outside of your comfort zones, and so much more.

Trust me, none of the little things you have done to achieve success have gone unnoticed. I see you. I see the late nights, sacrificed time, hard work, consistent effort, constant learning. I see you overcoming fears - like going live on Facebook for example. It is not easy. And everyone has a different definition of success, but all of the little things you've done add up to the big ones.

There is no way for me to put all the little things into numbers, but it's important for you to see what you've all created together! But these numbers represent so much more than statistics. They represent women who are becoming more confident, stretching outside their fears, doing things they never thought they could. These numbers represent a lot of time committed to achieving their definition of success. And these numbers are something I am proud of beyond words, because I know what they stand for!

So, to all of you, Team Gorgeous... THANK YOU! Thank you for your individual commitment to yourselves to find success - and celebrating your little wins along the way! It's the little wins that REALLY matter. It makes my heart soar to see you guys find that and go after it. And the level of pride I feel when you accomplish things is so worth everything I am doing for this little but fierce team of ours!

So much love! Now look what you all accomplished!

2017 Team Gorgeous Statistics