Reaching out on Social Media

Reaching out on social media is one of the most terrifying things you'll have to learn to overcome in this business. It eludes a lot of artists because they are too afraid to try it and they let their excuses get in the way of their success. Those excuses look a lot like fear.

In this video training, I'm talking about why it's important to reach out on social media, how to create your reach out messages, and where to find people to reach out to.

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Last Week of March

I'm not sure how it's ALREADY the last week of March AND the last week of the first quarter of the year! We're 1/4th the way through the year already?!

So, let's not delay any longer on getting this week's plan on paper! In my effort to help you be more successful in your own business, I'm sharing my weekly plan for my business with you. Copy it exactly if you wish, or take the ideas and make them your own!

But plan something! For heavens sake, plan SOMETHING to take a step forward in your business!

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Website & Blog Intro Training

Having a website and/or blog can be really helpful in success with your business! It can help provide a place to educate your customers and make your process duplicatable, but also create a place for you to be found in searches.

In this training, I'll give you an overview of some ways a website can help you and a bit of help getting started with how I have built my website.

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Finding Your Why

In order to set up your business that will work for you long after your friends and family stop buying, we are going to do several things over the next week while we wait for your kit to arrive. Some are going to be boring like setting up a facebook page, and some like today are going to be thought provoking like “finding your why”. ALL of very important to setting up your business to last, and eventually sustain itself, so don’t skip any! 

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2017 Recognition! You are all amazing!


I've been so excited to write this post and share with you my pride for the hard work and dedication you have all put in, but even more so for the wins that I've seen along the way. You have done makeovers, created blogs, shared your little hearts out, learned countless new things, supported each other, made new friends, pushed yourselves outside of your comfort zones, and so much more.

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New Business Card Design: Muted Color Block

This design embodies everything Maskcara is about - the HAC Face, the color scheme, and the simplicity - but is so beautiful it can be used for any professional in the beauty industry!

It's available with or without the HAC Face, but personally, I think the HAC Face is the perfect way for you to write down your customer's Maskcara IIID Foundation colors! There is room for personalization on several areas of this card with logos, symbols or graphics should you wish to use something other than the suggested designs. All you need to do is reach out for a little customization request before ordering and I can make changes!

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iPhone Apps for Business

I'm of the belief that you should do everything in your power to work smarter, not harder, and one big component of making that happen is having the right tools at your disposal and not overwhelming yourself with tools that you don't need.

In this video, I share my favorite iPhone apps that I think are the essentials for running your business mobile.

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