You’re In!

Yay! Your Brand Coaching Call is scheduled! I’m excited to talk with you! In the meantime, I’d like to have you watch this video about some basic foundational guidelines when it comes to branding and complete some Pre-Call Homework (which is given at the end of the video.

  • Ensure that you’re really clear on your mission and movement, your avatar and the long term goal for your business. Think bigger than just the MLM you’re involved in. I’ll be asking you to share those things with me on your call. The more clarity you can have around them, the better!

  • If you’re a plan ahead type of person, here is a list of what you’ll be asked to be clear on and submit for your homework after your Brand Coaching Call:

    • Your Business/Brand Name (Examples: Chelsea Lewis is my brand name because I chose to personally brand myself. Social Tenacity is the name of the business Brooke chose for herself.)

    • A detailed description of your avatar

    • Stylistic words to describe your brand

    • Any ideas you have in terms of a logo

    • Your Purpose Call summary

    • A link to your Pinterest Inspiration Board for your brand including logos, fonts, colors and color schemes, textures, patterns, etc. Don’t worry if this doesn’t quite make sense yet, we’ll talk more about this on your call.

  • Connect with me on social media. My links are below!