Tips for Maskcara Beauty Products | Complete List

Here’s the deal. Maskcara Beauty’s products are all so versatile, and I wanted to give you a complete list of how many ways they can be used outside of the obvious. So, get a snack and a drink cause this list is long! Settle in!

IIID Foundation

Highlight Shades

  • Use on your lids before eyeshadow in a light layer as an eyeshadow primer.

  • Use after you’ve applied a lip color just in the center of your lips to create a little bit of an ombre effect.

  • Use a lighter shade than normal to brighten under your eyes and down the bridge of your nose.

  • Use with a small flat brush under the arch of your brow to chisel out a nice sharply defined brow.

Contour Shades

  • Use a deep dark contour like Indigo or a mix of Cola and Astoria with the small end of the Multitasker Brush as a lip liner. This shadow effect will blend with your lipstick when applied and create a nice pouty lip.

  • Use contour cream with an angled brush to fill in your eyebrows. The cream based product creates sort of a pomade effect to help hold your brows in place to the filled area. I LOVE this product on my brows!

  • Use contour creams with a fluffy blending brush on your eyelid crease before applying any other eyeshadow to help deepen the crease and create a shadowed effect. Remember, your eye is no different than the rest of your face and creating dimension in the face is all about bringing things forward with highlight (lightening) and pushing things back with contour (shadowing).

  • Use contour creams as a softer eyeliner on both your upper and lower lids and even in your waterline. It’ll be a more soft smoked out look!

  • Use contours to fill in “bald” spots or thinner areas around your hairline.

Lip + Cheek Creams

  • Use multiple colors to create different combinations and colors you love. Creams blend together like a dream and with the number of combos you can make an unlimited set of colors.

  • Mix them on your lips too! Use glossy shades like Desert Sunset or Black Cherry as your final layers to get a glossy look.

  • Use them as a quick easy eyeshadow. You can create a complete easy eyeshadow look by starting with your contour shade in your crease, bringing in a little extra color to blend the crease with the lid with your lip and cheek shade, and then use your highlight shade to brighten up the lid and top with your illuminator shade for a little shimmer in the inner corner. Literally create a full eyeshadow look with the same makeup you used on your face.

Illuminator Creams

  • Use them under the arch of your brow to highlight and make your brow more defined and prominent.

  • Use as a glossy shimmery finish over your lip color.

  • Highlight your cupids bow, down the bridge of your nose or just on the tip of your nose if you’d like.

  • Use in the inner corner of your eye for a little extra pop of light.


  • Use in combination with lip + cheek creams to create a punch of color for your lips. The eyeshadow brings in more pigment but the cream keeps it a good consistency for lips and makes it not feel dry.

  • Use any of the ashy/brown shades for filling in your brows with the Know Your Angles brush.

Tres Leches

Milk Cleanser

  • Use the cleanser with just a small dab on blemishes for an overnight blemish treatment. Just leave it on overnight and then clean off in the morning.

  • Use the cleanser on dry skin, like a lotion, it will not lather. But it gives you a really good gentle exfoliation.

Milk Toner

  • Use the toner on burns (including sunburns) to immediately take the heat out and help tone down the redness. No joke! It’s better than aloe vera.

  • Men can use the toner as an aftershave spray!

Milk Moisturizing Cream

  • Mix with a little of your highlight shade to create a BB cream sort of product for a quick easy light coverage (in case you think you really need a quicker face than a 5 minute IIID Foundation face).

  • Use on spots where eczema is present (adults and kids) to help lessen the symptoms.

  • It’s very versatile for men and women as it doesn’t have a strong feminine smell.

Stay Setting Spray

  • Use before you apply your foundation as a primer.

  • Use the SPF version on bare skin just for the sun protection on a makeup free pool or beach day.

  • Use on brushes before applying eyeshadow for a punch of pigment and some extra staying power.

  • Mix half a tin of crushed up Sabrina eyeshadow in with a bottle of stay spray for the prettiest body shimmer spray ever… that also smells amazing.

Restore Wipes

  • Keep them in your palette or clutch for a quick on the go way to clean your brushes before using them.

  • Clean off your palettes when the makeup gets on them to keep them looking fresh and new.

  • Use them to sanitize and wipe down the top of your deodorant a couple times a week between uses.

  • Clean out your empty tin pans with them to make a cute play makeup compact for a special little girl in your life.

  • Keep some in your littles diaper bag for quick hand sanitizing wipes on the go. They are individually packaged so they are perfect to grab and go.

Whew! Did you survive that list?! These products are honestly SO versatile that the uses for them are endless. What is your favorite way to use different products?