My Morning Routine to set my day up for success!

So, I'm far from perfect in this routine, but that alone has done something really powerful for me...

It's proven to me that the days I carry out the routine, I AM more fulfilled and have a more productive and successful day. It's shown me just how important it truly is! Sometimes it's easy to let your morning routine feel like little things that aren't totally pertinent to getting things done during the day.

I recently shared on social media that I felt like I had finally found a morning routine that I loved, and I had several people ask me to share what the details of my morning routine are!

So let's get into this!

My Morning Routine.jpg

The VERY first thing I do when I get out of bed is drink several really large gulps of water - sometimes with some lemon. And I do love this. I say several large gulps, because I will tell you... my tummy takes a minute to wake up in the mornings and when I try to cram down a full 8 oz of water, like all the science says... I end up regretting it immediately. BUT! Even a few large swallows of really cold water does enough to wake me up and make me feel refreshed.

Lemon Water in morning routine

Then I brush my teeth and carry out my morning skincare routine, which really is just putting on moisturizer and lip balm, unless I was super naughty and didn't wash my face before bed, then I will wash my face, too. ;) Here's a pro tip for you: Don't brush your teeth before the lemon water. You're welcome.

Then I make my bed, and because where we currently live, I am NOT in a habit of undressing in or near the closet, I usually have clothes on my hope chest from the day before to put away. So I take a few minutes to put those where they belong; either in the closet or the hamper.

After these things are done, I feel ready to start going with the day so I will make a protein smoothie, which is normally my breakfast, and I try to spend some quiet time doing mindless things so that I can be in my head for at least a few minutes.

I do my very best, and this is still very much a work in progress for me, to avoid my phone until I'm done with all of my routine. I'll tell you why this one is a struggle for me. I am all about not keeping the phone in the room at night. And I can easily do that, when my husband is home with me... the problem is... he's a police officer and rotates shifts every 4 weeks, so if I do this when he's on day shift for 8 weeks, then it becomes a habit and life is good. But, as soon as he goes back to night shift for 12 weeks, I go to bed with my phone by me because of his job (there's no way anyone will talk me out of that btw), and the habit is undone. So instead of trying to fight that this will always be a work in progress, I'm learning to appreciate that I recognize it and that I'm still working at ways to improve and adapt in a way that works for me.

I usually try to clean an area of the house each morning. Most days it's the kitchen because that is our constant area of mess - with cooking, life, etc. But I do find that if I clean something, it makes me much more able to work from home without feeling constant disarray. When there are times I don't even actually leave my house for several days, I find that this is critical to me being productive and successful.

And lastly, I write for about 20 minutes. Writing for me is anything. It could be journaling, blogging, writing letters, just writing. Sometimes it's on paper, sometimes it's digitally. But I spend time writing because it's important, therapeutic and really freeing when your mind is constantly going 100 miles an hour like mine.

Journaling during morning routine

After all of this, is when I get ready for the day. One thing I have tried to make a really consistent effort with is actually getting dressed and doing my hair and makeup or at least cleaning up. Working from home makes it so easy to stay in your comfy pajamas, but it's a dangerous trap because that DOES eventually zap your creativity and productivity. It takes effort, and I won't lie, I still wear leggings a lot of days, but for me, the most important part is that I don't stay in what I slept in all day. Am I perfect on this one? Absolutely not. I do have days where I make a conscious decision to stay in pajamas, but it's far less often.

One thing I do during my "getting ready" is listen to things like podcasts or audiobooks. I like that it keeps my brain awake and thinking about good stuff, but then I can be mindlessly getting ready, but keeping that time productive.

So! I'd love to know! What's your morning routine like?! Share it in the comments below! Or if you don't have a morning routine, share one thing you'd like to incorporate into a future morning routine! I'm always about adding, changing, and adapting mine to work the best for me, plus I think change is healthy.