How To Get Discounts on Maskcara Beauty Products

How To Get Discounts on Maskcara Beauty Products.jpg

You’re like me! You love to be a bargain shopper and get excited about a good discount or saving some serious cash on something you needed to purchase!

Let’s be real, it doesn’t even matter how much. It’s exciting all the same whether it’s 50 cents or $500! Amiright?!

So, of course, you’re interested in Maskcara makeup, but wondering why in the heck there aren’t any good discounts out there for it? Or are there?! And you’re just missing them?!

I’m going to share with you the best ways that I know of to get some crazy good deals on Maskcara products. Let’s definitely not dismiss the fact that Maskcara already puts out a high end quality makeup at or below drugstore makeup prices, so that in and of itself is a great deal, but I know you’re thinking… come on Chelsea. You know I’m here for the real deals! And I know. I’ve got you!

Here are 5 ways you can save some serious money and get yourself those amazing Maskcara products you’re dreaming of!

1. Take advantage of the bundles that Maskcara already offers!

Maskcara already offers several different bundles of products that also come with pretty significant savings. These are 3 of my favorite bundles.

Tres Leches Skin Care System - $95 ($103 when purchased separately)

The Lip & Cheek Collection - $68 ($96 when purchased separately)

The Brush Collection - $143 ($180 when purchased separately)

2. Purchase products strategically so that you get FREE compacts with your orders!

Maskcara's beautiful compacts are free when you purchase certain numbers of tins, so think of that when you're placing orders because you may be able to snag one or two more tins and get the compact for free vs. paying outright for the compact and it costing you about the same or more!

Maskcara Compact Sizes

3. Host parties to share with your friends and earn FREE and discounted products!

Maskcara has one of the most amazing hostess programs I've ever seen in the direct sales industry, especially when you consider how affordable the products are to begin with! 

If you're wanting some serious product for free, host a party and invite your friends and you'll be amazed what you can get!

Maskcara Party Hostess Rewards

4. Take advantage of referral programs that some Artists offer - like me!

Maybe hosting a party isn't for you, but you find that you're constantly telling people about how much you love Maskcara... reach out to your Artist, because some may give you an opportunity to earn the party incentives over a longer period of time by referring your friends to them and using your "Party #" as a referral code. 

I do this for my customers if they ask, so if you find yourself wanting some free makeup and know that you're always sending customers to your Artist, they just might hook you up! ;)

5. Order directly from an artist - because some offer special pricing in certain situations!

Every Artist has the choice to run their business how they want, and this does bring some little differences with it, but check with them about what special pricing or promotions they do! I offer special package pricing and even more special package pricing if you purchase at parties, because I want to encourage as many sales for my hostesses as I can. 

So that means, that not only by hosting but also by attending a party, you win!