How to assemble your Maskcara palette

So you just received your first Maskcara palette?! Yay for you! It's so exciting getting new things!

Maskcara Starter Kit Shipping

Let's walk you through how to set everything up and become acquainted with your goodies!

You'll find a whole bunch of beautiful things in your box - including the box itself.

First things first, all of your tins will be individual with lids and your compact will have a sleeve around it. Let's start with your compact! First you'll want to slide that sleeve off and prepare to be tickled with how beautiful the compact is! Our prints are like nothing I've ever seen and I really struggle with choosing a favorite because they are all so pretty!

Open your compact and inside is where we'll place your tins. To take the lids off the tins, you'll simply want to slide them off towards the top like in the picture below.

Maskcara Bare Lip + Cheek Tin

Eyeshadow tins require a little more care when opening so as not to break the shadow, so be gentle with them. :) If the tin lids seem to be difficult to get off, you can slide something thin in between the lid and the makeup pan to help ease it open.

Side note: Keep your tin lids! There are lots of fun things you can do with them that I'll be sharing on the blog soon!

The bottom of your compact is magnetic, which means the tins will drop in and stay in perfectly. 

Maskcara Light Palette

Most of my customers like to arrange their products in the order they use them. I'll share a few different ways you can do that!

  • If you have a simple quad palette, you can choose to start with either your highlight or your contour shade first followed by the opposite and then your blush and your illuminator. When I'm applying my makeup I like to start with my highlight, so I have mine in order of highlight, contour, blush, illuminator.
  • If you have a palette with two layers, and you've got eyeshadows and powders, it's best to use one level of your palette for your creams and the other for your powders and eyeshadows. This helps keep your creams from getting ruined if you happen to have a powder or eyeshadow break while in your palette.
  • I've heard some customers like to put their eyeshadows on the top layer because they like to apply eyeshadow before foundation.

Your tins can go in your palette either vertically (like in the picture above) or horizontally, or a combination of both, so don't be afraid to get creative and rearrange them as you use them and find out what works best for you!

And most importantly, ENJOY!