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Business Book Faves

I'm going to shake things up a little and share a simple list of my favorite business books, but what I really want this to become is a place where I can consistently update with new books as I find them. I am a committed reader - sometimes it's Audible, other times Kindle. Those are my two choice methods. And when I really want to absorb something, I do that whole trick from elementary school - where your teacher would say "I want you to read along in your book while I read aloud".

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Journey to Valuing Myself

In 2011, I made a decision that started a traumatic snowball effect in my life for the next 3 years to come. It was a really bittersweet decision to leave a job where I had made friends I loved, enjoyed the job itself, and felt needed and appreciated by everyone I worked with. I felt valuable to my boss and the company. I didn't realize until I left it how much lack of value for their employees other companies have.

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My Morning Routine to set my day up for success!

So, I'm far from perfect in this routine, but that alone has done something really powerful for me...

It's proven to me that the days I carry out the routine, I AM more fulfilled and have a more productive and successful day. It's shown me just how important it truly is! Sometimes it's easy to let your morning routine feel like little things that aren't totally pertinent to getting things done during the day.

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Maskcara is turning ONE!

The Maskcara Beauty Independent Artist Program is turning ONE! 

On January 17, 2017, Maskcara Beauty launched it's Independent Artist Program and on that first day 340 beautiful women took the plunge into the opportunity that has already changed A LOT of lives!

...and I'm joining the fun and celebrating Maskcara's one year birthday party and I'd love you to join me!


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What is my plan? | Maskcara: The Business

I recently had someone ask me what my business plan is as it relates to Maskcara. And I'm seriously happy to have been asked, because of course I have something to say about that!

Let me start this by saying... I am the world's biggest skeptic. If you know anything about Energy Profiling, I am a 4/2 - which means I'm very much a realist, but also very much a planner. It's in my nature to see the flaws in things and be very cautious when moving forward. I NEVER dive into something without having researched and picked apart all the pros and cons.

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Making Movies with iMovie on iPhone

We all know that video is king when it comes to marketing your business. Nearly every social media platform has algorithms in place that are strongly influenced by the use of video, so you should be using it.

And we also have these handy smartphones on us nearly everywhere we go that happen to be incredible at making videos, given you have a little knowledge as to how to do it.

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