What is my plan? | Maskcara: The Business

I recently had someone ask me what my business plan is as it relates to Maskcara. And I'm seriously happy to have been asked, because of course I have something to say about that!

Let me start this by saying... I am the world's biggest skeptic. If you know anything about Energy Profiling, I am a 4/2 - which means I'm very much a realist, but also very much a planner. It's in my nature to see the flaws in things and be very cautious when moving forward. I NEVER dive into something without having researched and picked apart all the pros and cons.

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Simplify Your Makeup Box & Routine

In early 2017, I began traveling a lot with my husband and every time I would pack I noticed that I was consciously thinking of what I could do without for a few days because I wanted to condense my travel makeup bag. It was during this time that I happened to stumble on Maskcara.

I concluded that this has to be the best makeup for traveling because your WHOLE routine can fit into one compact. It was a dream come true for me!

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Making Movies with iMovie on iPhone

We all know that video is king when it comes to marketing your business. Nearly every social media platform has algorithms in place that are strongly influenced by the use of video, so you should be using it.

And we also have these handy smartphones on us nearly everywhere we go that happen to be incredible at making videos, given you have a little knowledge as to how to do it.

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MILK Moisturizing Cream | Maskcara Beauty

Did you know your skin actually benefits from Milk?

I'm not talking the processed version of milk like we are used to drinking...

Before I had tried it, I read all sorts of comments from people who were RAVING about it, so naturally I wanted to see what the hype was about and if it lived up to the things people were saying... and it definitely did! It is the most perfect moisturizer I have ever put on my face. No exaggerations here.

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Your Goals Shouldn't be an Invitation to Feel Like a Failure

I'm sure you've heard of SMART Goals. Most everyone has as it is probably one of the most common goal setting approaches. And I do think it definitely has it's place and some importance, but I think there are some critical pieces of advice missing from setting SMART Goals. We know that a goal needs to be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely...

Your goals shouldn't be an invitation to feel like a failure.

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Why I Hesitated to Join Maskcara

I guess it's somewhat natural to hesitate when embarking on new adventures, because as people, we have a lot of self talk. It can be negative, positive, or fear-based, but regardless it's what makes us hesitate.

I was first presented with the opportunity to join Maskcara in January, like the day after it was opened for direct sales. 

But I hesitated...

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10 Reasons I Chose to Join Maskcara

When I say I believe wholeheartedly in a company, I mean it. I really do my research now, because in the past I have gotten on board with companies that I really liked, until I learned more about their inner workings and learned that they aren't who they say they were.

So, here are 10 reasons I fell head over heels and decided to get on board with Maskcara

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Financial Failure on the Path to Success

When I met my husband at age 18, we pretty much were inseparable from that point on. After getting married, we did what a lot of married couples do; got excited about our dual income household, not to mention we lived somewhere with ridiculously cheap rent and my husband’s new job was a significant raise from what he had been making, so we felt and acted like we hit the lottery. We had two car payments, credit cards, student loans, etc. When we wanted something, we bought it on credit.

The real break down came when I lost not 1, not 2, but 3 jobs… in a row.

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Choosing a Different Life: Making The Choice to NOT have Children

I live in a society and culture that loves children. Women commonly have children very early in their lives, by choice. It is not uncommon for a woman in her mid-twenties to have several children and be planning to have more in the coming years. Despite whether or not it is anyone’s business, a woman age 23+ that is married will be asked, sometimes frequently, when she is going to have children.

We also live in a time where speaking out about infertility is becoming increasingly more common.

But one group of women that aren’t speaking out much yet are the ones that make a choice not to have children.

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Actions Speak Louder: Being Genuinely Supportive in a Social Media Driven Society

We live in a society driven by social media in almost every way, shape, and form. And somehow, it’s become the norm to use these tools to show our sincere support for others. Convenience. We’re after the convenience of it.

But is that the most genuinely supportive you can be with someone who you love and appreciate having in your life?

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