3 New Faves | Kristin Ess Hair Products | Review

Ya'll know I love me some Target shopping. Like every other woman on this planet. ;) 

And I've been eyeing that end cap with Kristin Ess products for quite some time now. I have heard good things from a few people, but never made the leap myself. 

Until the last fateful trip to Target when I noticed that all the Kristin Ess products were buy 2 get one free! Uhmmm? Yes, please!

I snagged the Dry Shampoo, the Texture Spray, and the Instant Lift Thickening Spray.

Kristin Ess Hair Products Review

I have things I love about each of them, and as of the writing of this blog post, nothing that I don't love! So that's always good!

First we'll start with the Dry Shampoo, because if you know me, you know I've tried a ton and I'm incredibly picky. Not to mention, I have dark hair, and so many of them leave gross powder looking residue in your hair.

Kristin Ess Dry Shampoo Review

The things I love about the Dry Shampoo are:

  • It's super effective! It does its job well at reducing oil, but I also notice it adds a lot of volume, which is something my hair really struggles with.
  • It smells fresh and good. Some dry shampoos have the most odd smells that I can't even explain, but this one just smells clean and fresh.
  • The sprayer is super consistent and, I know this is going to sound weird, but it feels good in your finger. There's nothing I hate more than a tiny sprayer that feels like you're stabbing your finger because it's small and you have to put a lot of pressure on it. The sprayers on Kristin's aerosol bottles are so good.
  • It doesn't leave any powder look that I have to work in or out of my hair after using it. It's truly invisible even in dark hair like mine.

Next up, the Texture Spray. I'll be honest. I'm always nervous about texture sprays, because I don't do well with the messy beachy look. Just not typically my style. Additionally, I have fine hair strands but a LOT of hair, which can be problematic with flyaways. But I really love the volume and thick feeling they give, so I opted to give it a shot! And I'm honestly really glad I did!

Kristin Ess Texture Spray Review

The things I love about the Texture Spray are:

  • It gives a thick feeling to my hair, but not like full of product and gross feeling.
  • It gives a little more hold power and grit, which actually seems to have calmed down the flyaway-ness (I just made that a word. You're welcome!) that my hair tends to have.
  • It smells fresh and not overly strong.
  • It gives my hair a lot more play in terms of being able to place and move things the way I want.

And last but most definitely not least, the Thickening Spray. Like I said before, I have fine hair strands, but I have A LOT of hair. The problem that this tends to cause is a lack of volume, issues with flyaways, and I think the need to wash my hair more often than I'd like. I have tried other root boosting sprays, and while I like the results they were giving, they seemed to leave a residue because they were mousse or foam based. This thickening spray is liquid, and in my head, liquid would be less prone to residue. I might totally be making that up, but in any case, it does seem to make a difference for my hair specifically.

Kristin Ess Thickening Spray Review

The things I love about the Thickening Spray are:

  • It DOES work! I was skeptical, but you can honestly feel the difference as soon as you put it in, even before you've blow dried it. (This is something you put in to damp hair, distribute it with a comb or your fingers, and then blow dry.)
  • I really like that it seems to be minimally scented.
  • It definitely doesn't leave a residue of any sort, and I can feel the difference in my hair for days after until my next wash.

I hope this review was helpful to you in deciding whether or not to purchase the Kristin Ess products. I have to give these three products in particular a thumbs up for sure, and even better was the price point - at $14 each. Getting the one for free made it a no-brainer!

As of right now, I think the only place you can buy them is at Target, but they are both online and in-stores.