HAC for your Face Shape | Maskcara

There are some general basics of highlighting and contouring that work for every face shape, but when you are feeling a little more advanced, you can get a little more precise about how you shape your face! I'll take you through those now and show you some of the shapes you're looking to create depending on what type of face you have!


With a diamond face shape, you'll want to keep your blush and cheek contour more parallel to the floor. For your cheek contour, you'll want to bring it in to a middle point between your upper lip and nose. When contouring along your jawline, you'll want to keep the contour pretty thin, so as not to diminish the size of your chin too much! The highlight area on your cheek is going to be a lot less pie shaped than some of the other facial shapes.


With a heart shaped face, you'll notice that the cheek contour and blush areas are a lot more downward angled. This also results in your highlight shape under the eye and into the cheek being a lot more pie shaped. 


With an oblong face shape, you'll notice you want to have more area for blush and less area for cheek contour. And also your cheek contour is formed in much more of a curved shape to help create a more defined cheekbone.


With an oval shape, you want to focus a little more on contouring out your cheek shadow to give a more defined cheek. You also want to keep your contour more towards the outside of your forehead and less in the middle.


With a pear shape, you will keep your contour away from the middle of your face, and really instead of creating a separate cheek contour from jaw contour, you actually want to create a single pie shaped contour along the jawbone. And then use your blush to enhance your cheekbone.


With a rectangle shape, you want to connect the contour all the way down the side of your face and then only bring in a minimal cheek contour section. Keep your blush contour a bit more full and rounded and bring your forehead contour all the way into the center.


And lastly, round shape faces will want to be pretty similar to pear shaped where instead of creating a separate cheek and jaw contour, you'll connect it in a bit of a pie shape. The whole idea is to give a bit more definition and shape to the jawline and cheek together.