What is my plan? | Maskcara: The Business

I recently had someone ask me what my business plan is as it relates to Maskcara. And I'm seriously happy to have been asked, because of course I have something to say about that!

Let me start this by saying... I am the world's biggest skeptic. If you know anything about Energy Profiling, I am a 4/2 - which means I'm very much a realist, but also very much a planner. It's in my nature to see the flaws in things and be very cautious when moving forward. I NEVER dive into something without having researched and picked apart all the pros and cons.

ALL of these things have resulted in me being very against direct sales or MLM style businesses for as long as I can remember. I always said... I never want to have to rely on my friends and family or annoy people for my own personal gain. It's just not in my nature to do that! 

So, when this opportunity was presented to me... my knee jerk reaction was, "NOPE! It's not for me." Until I realized it was...

Maskcara is a company built on community, support, friendship, camaraderie, beauty and confidence. There isn't a single one of those values that I disagree with. In fact, I align very deeply with all of them. I realized in running my portrait business that, as women, what we want most in this world is to feel connected and confident. The confidence part is something I've worked at and grown substantially in the last several years, and of course I'm still growing there just like everyone else. But the connection is what was lacking. Getting the opportunity to be part of a company that carries all of these values AND has a product I am totally in love with (I knew this because I had tried it and fallen in love before I signed up), was a no brainer.

I learned that running a business by yourself can feel incredibly isolated and what it was lacking was a space to further connection and grow together. When I realized that, I KNEW that Maskcara was the fit for me. There was no more question. In fact, I didn't even discuss my enrollment with my husband (side note: he's 150% supportive and would not have been against it anyway). I just knew I had to do this.

So, to be asked what my plan is was interesting, because the truth is... it doesn't matter what your plan is... as long as you step forward in faith and trust that it's right. If it feels right, just take the steps and understand that whatever you may have planned will change dramatically anyway. My "plan" from the beginning was to build my team with Maskcara and share these amazing products alongside my "full time" implementation business. In less than a month, that plan changed and Maskcara became much more of my full time business because of the alarming rate it began to grow almost immediately. 

Apparently, that's something that happens when you join a company and movement in the pre-launch. Who would have thought?!

The real truth here is... there isn't really such thing as a long term plan. Yes, you want to set goals and have an idea of how you'll reach them and then take the steps, but there's just no possible way to know what your future holds - and in my experiences, it is more amazing than you can usually even dream of. You can plan one thing and end up doing something entirely different but still end up at the same end point, or you can plan one thing, follow the path and end up somewhere different!

Moral of the story: step forward in faith and do what you feel called to do. Don't ask questions. Don't second guess. And most of all be brave enough to DO IT!