What's In My Palette


I've been asked what I keep in my Maskcara palette and what colors I use for my skin tone, so I thought I'd share a little about my personal palette! 

Starting with the Contour colors, I have two actual colors I keep in my own palette and really I change them depending on how dramatic I want my Contour and how tan my face happens to be at the time. The colors are Walnut and Stone. I really like them both. Walnut is really subtle on me but still enough that I use it when I'm not super tan. Stone is more dramatic or better when I am a little more tan.

If you're the observant type, you'll see that I use Indigo for my brow color. I LOVE this because then it fits in my palette with everything else... seriously one of the best things about this makeup is being condensed into one palette that can go everywhere with you! 

As for my highlight color... I use Aura. I probably can try Sunlit, but I've been happy with Aura. One of my favorite things about Maskcara is that you don't have to change your highlight color as often when your skin tans up because often using a little darker Contour color and a touch of bronzer will help to blend it more!  

I tend to prefer a little more pink blush so I really love Pink Grapefruit but I love so many of the other blushes that I'm really excited to try more of them!  

My illuminator of choice is Pearl, but the Rose Gold is soooo pretty I'm going to give it a try too!  

With blush and illuminator, all of the colors are so versatile and universal that it really is a personal preference to what colors you like or feel like wearing! You can get away with changing them up as much as you like.

Hopefully this is helpful to you in choosing your own colors or just interesting to see what's in my palette!