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Milk Moisturizing Cream Maskcara Beauty

Did you know your skin actually benefits from Milk?

I'm not talking the processed version of milk like we are used to drinking...

Before I had tried it, I read all sorts of comments from people who were RAVING about it, so naturally I wanted to see what the hype was about and if it lived up to the things people were saying... and it definitely did! It is the most perfect moisturizer I have ever put on my face. No exaggerations here.

First, let me tell you all the sciency stuff about it!

Milk in its original state has no effects on the skin. However, the milk based utilizing the special lactic procedure contains a wealth of highly active skin rejuvenating substances in naturally balanced proportions. These are very effective in skin care formulations.

Milk is one of the only foods that contain all the important components necessary for human life. In the digestive system of the body, milk undergoes bacteriological, enzymatic and fermentative processes and is converted to hundreds of single components. These are then used throughout the body…and in particular in the largest human organ of all - THE SKIN. 
…So early on milk “ does the body good” from the INSIDE.

The effect from milk on the skin from the inside begins to diminish from age 30 upward, and the external strain on the skin from environmental influences increases and cannot totally be met from within. MILK moisturizer helps nourish the skin from the outside with similar active components obtained from the specially processed milk base.

Fermented MILK is a natural biologically functional system and it offers moisturizer with many active compounds in a balanced form that cannot be combined in any other way. These do the following:
➡️ Stimulate capillary circulation
➡️ Exfoliate dead skin cells promoting healthy skin cell turnover
➡️ Provide moisture to the skin
➡️ Retain the natural acid and lipid protective cover of the skin
➡️ Give the skin elasticity

MANY people who have used Milk have reported things like:
⭐️ Reduction of pores
⭐️ Improvement of skin issues such as eczema, acne, oily areas, irritation in general
⭐️ Longer eyelashes (I personally noticed this one within just my first week of use!)
⭐️ Improvement in the common but annoying bumpy skin texture on the back of your arms (I call it braille 😂 but I don't actually know the medical term for it)

The best way I would describe Milk is like magic in a jar - it is such a deliciously thick and creamy moisturizer but it NEVER leaves your face feeling suffocated or greasy. It doesn't have a perfumey overbearing smell and it definitely does everything they say it does and more.

Dying to see if you benefit from these amazing things MILK has to offer? Want to try it out? Enter the giveaway and you might win a jar for yourself!