Your Goals Shouldn't be an Invitation to Feel Like a Failure

Your goals shouldn't be an invitation to feel like a failure.

One of my favorite authors, who also happens to be a success coach, is Michelle McCullough. In her book that recently became a best selling book, Make It Happen Blueprint, she talks about goal setting. I know I know... what coach doesn't talk about goal setting? It seems to be a huge topic of interest among all coaches, and honestly? It's for good reason. It's incredibly important to set goals in your life otherwise, you're headed nowhere.

Michelle likened not having goals to the scene in Alice in Wonderland where Alice asks the Cheshire Cat for directions and he asks her where she wants to go. But when she wasn't sure what to say, the Cheshire Cat told her that it didn't matter which way she went! That couldn't be more true.

I'm sure you've heard of SMART Goals. Most everyone has as it is probably one of the most common goal setting approaches. And I do think it definitely has it's place and some importance, but I think there are some critical pieces of advice missing from setting SMART Goals. We know that a goal needs to be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely... but the important piece is why. If you don't have a strong reason you are striving to reach a goal, it doesn't matter how good you are at setting and reaching goals, you'll never make it.

Your goals shouldn't be an invitation to feel like a failure.

Michelle has pulled together a piece of genius and renamed SMART Goals to SMARTY Goals. The "Y" stands for Your Why. Adding that into the framework for your goal can make all the difference in the world and keep you focused!

I often fall into the trap of thinking that my goals need to be set at a certain point that is good for renewal and change. Like, New Years Resolutions, or the beginning of a month or week. The reality is, this isn't true. So... today, I want to encourage you to set goals for yourself, forget that it is June 23. It's not the beginning of a week, month, quarter, or year! But it's a perfect time to reevaluate and set some goals! 

I have a beautiful vision board of goals, but I'm going to take some time to update them and know that I can do this anytime I feel the need to. This vision board is soon going to find a place above a hope chest in my bedroom and become a point of focus so they stay top of mind.

However you choose to set and track your goals is up to you - and I've tried many methods myself - but I really like the visual goal setting method. The important thing is that they are written down and put somewhere you can constantly see them!

I strongly suggest reading Michelle's book, because it is packed full of amazing ways to go after what you want in your life - be it personal or business. And no, this post is not sponsored in any way! It just resonated enough with me that I felt like I should share!