My Maskcara Why

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For almost 9 years, I was a professional photographer, and I began that career photographing mostly families and high school seniors. As my business grew and developed I found a love for photographing weddings and specialized in that genre for 4 years. Right as things started to reach a point where I felt like I had a ‘real business’ doing it, my husband’s job transfer came in and moved us over 300 miles away from everyone and everything we knew. We were seriously so excited, but I knew that it would mean starting over in my business and I wanted to start over in something that had a greater impact and was closer to my heart. So I chose to specialize in contemporary women’s portraiture - basically a modernized version of 80’s glamour shots. I hired a makeup artist and hair stylist for my studio and women were having incredible experiences. I loved what I was doing, but three things happened that I just couldn’t handle; I was spending more time coordinating scheduling and dealing with people not taking my business as seriously as I did (which in hindsight was my fault, because I had unrealistic expectations with this), I had lost my hobby of photography in the process of turning it into a business, and I learned that when you move to a city where you know nobody and you are self-employed and work from home it can be extremely lonely to be ‘in business’ by yourself. I also learned a lot about me as a person and how I had created a business that made me appear as if I had it all together, and when I started to realize this was how it looked, I felt incredibly unconfident and insecure of myself. Because I knew I didn’t match up with that. I’m not perfect, and I definitely don’t have my life all together. Being a “glamour portrait photographer” made me feel as though I had to be put together everyday and I reached a point where when I didn’t take an hour to get ready for the day, then I was nervous about running into people I knew for fear they would know my secrets - that I’m just an everyday average girl who sometimes doesn’t get out of pajamas or put makeup on.

I craved being part of something that could change lives, use my extensive business knowledge and organization skills, and surround me with a community that I could make friends with. When I made the decision to step away from my portrait photography business, I initially chose to join a different MLM because I felt like it fit the criteria I was looking for, until I learned some really disheartening things that made me really uncomfortable about investing in starting that business. It was around this exact time that I discovered Maskcara, but I immediately had thoughts of judgment from others for being an ‘MLM Hopper’ or not knowing what direction I was going after I stepped away from my portrait business. So, instead of jumping on board and signing up then, I purchased the makeup to try it first. For the first time in a REALLY long time, I felt like I COULD look put together but not waste hours doing it, because I wanted to be living my life and not be putting on this ridiculous facade that was my daily makeup (even though it wasn’t a lot of makeup by most standards). 

So I made the decision to face the judgment and get on board because now I KNEW that not only was this an incredible company to get involved with, I also fell in total love with the makeup. But instead of thinking of it as judgment, I’m making the choice to think of it as a way to give others permission to explore the opportunity too. I feel like this company meets every criteria I want it to meet for me to be part of. I wanted a product I loved and wholeheartedly believed in so that I could talk about it with excitement and be ready and willing to share it. I wanted a company that believes in the same things I believe in. And I wanted a company with an amazing sisterhood of women for me to be part of.

I’m so happy to be here and so happy to be part of this and while I have high hopes for success in building a team and a business with Maskcara, I also know that I love it enough to just let it be whatever it ends up being for me!