Why I Hesitated to Join Maskcara

I guess it's somewhat natural to hesitate when embarking on new adventures, because as people, we have a lot of self talk. It can be negative, positive, or fear-based, but regardless it's what makes us hesitate.

I was first presented with the opportunity to join Maskcara in January, like the day after it was opened for direct sales. 

But I hesitated... my initial reason was the cost investment. It wasn't a super cheap sign up fee, but for the amount of product you get with your sign up, there's a reason. Seriously, this beautiful box of high quality makeup that showed up once I signed up was so worth what I paid that I'm kind of kicking myself that I didn't sign up when I first had the opportunity. But... let's keep going, because there were other reasons that my self-talk brought up as time went on.

Next was the doubt that I would actually be able to sell the product. At the time, I was still running my portrait studio and planned on just selling it to clients after we had used it on them for a photoshoot, and I wasn't sure I would have a big enough client base to make it worth it in the long run - unreasonable fear in hindsight.

Then it was the fear of judgment - because I had previously carried a line of makeup in my studio, but what I learned was the importance of trying a line before carrying it. I ended up not really liking the makeup as much as I hoped I would. But, did people know this? Would they judge me and think things for making this decision again? I overcame my own mistake by trying the makeup for a couple months before I jumped on board, so at that point I KNEW how much I loved it and had seen a ton about how much others loved it. But, there's always a fear of judgment and wondering what people would think? Couple that with the fact that only a short month or so before, I had announced and began the journey of jumping on board with LuLaRoe - until I discovered some shady things happening within the company and that A LOT of consultants were leaving... I decided against it. But, would I look like an MLM hopper? Again, all unreasonable concerns. Because the only thing that matters is that I am happy with my decision, right? Right.

Lastly, a fear of not having success with it like I was seeing others do. Which sounds absolutely ridiculous when you write it out... if others are having success, then clearly, it's acheivable. Why would it be any different for me if I'm willing to work for it? Plus, my definition of success could be entirely different from theirs. If I define it, then it's up to me to live it. So, it's yet another unreasonable fear. 

So, all that to say... I opted to join at the beginning of June. June 3rd to be exact. Because all of my unreasonable fears held me back for nearly 5 months. 

What I've learned from this?

The cost to join is 150% worth it, and I'd do it again in a heartbeat. Not only because you'll get a box full of amazing products but because you will get something that you don't realize the box contains... a community of amazing women, support, and confidence. Not a single day goes by that I don't see someone post about their #maskcaramoment in our private Facebook group that has changed their lives. And most of them really have more to do with the opportunity than the makeup... though of course, the makeup accounts for some.

This product sells itself as soon as someone tries it. They make comments about how light it is, how good and natural it looks (even if it's applied as a full coverage), how pretty they feel and how easy it was to put on. There is nothing else like it on the market. Cara (the creator) has been in the beauty industry for a very long time and has done her research. There just isn't anything that compares.

The most important thing is that YOU are happy with your decision. Will you be happy in 5 months if you didn't join but wanted to? Will you regret that choice? Will you be happy with yourself if you're left wondering if you could have been successful or would you be happier if you knew you gave it all you had and failed? Personally... I'd rather fail at something knowing I tried my best and loved every minute than never have tried at all and stayed being a success at something I wasn't excited about. I have so much excitement at the chance to help other women find their own confidence, because I have worked so hard at finding mine - and in many ways I feel like I'm still working on it, but I've come worlds from where I was. Because I know what it's like to be in both arenas (the confident and the very unconfident)... I want every woman I know to be in the confident arena.

Your own definition of success is the key factor in being successful. My definition is to have a career that is fulfilling, empowering and allows me flexibility, but also provides some financial stability in my personal life. Maximizing my time with my husband is top priority for me because he works shift work in a pretty risky career field. So, whenever he is off work, I want to be off work too and spending the time with him. So if I am getting all of those things, then I am successful in my own eyes. We can't compare our starting point to someone elses middle or end - or we'll never feel success. We have to define our success first and compare to where we are on that ladder.

I've only been part of Maskcara for less than a month, and everyday I still wonder if this is my real life. Because I am loving it that much. It has been even more amazing than I imagined it would be and the friends and community I've already created is worth it's weight in gold.