10 Reasons I Chose to Join Maskcara

When I say I believe wholeheartedly in a company, I mean it. I really do my research now, because in the past I have gotten on board with companies that I really liked, until I learned more about their inner workings and learned that they aren't who they say they were.

So, here are 10 reasons I fell head over heels and decided to get on board with Maskcara:

1. Cara

As the owner of the company, she is the epitome of class and heart. Once I learned of this opportunity I began to follow her, learn as much as I could about her, and really just see what I could find out about who she was. She cares very deeply, she believes in others, and has a passion for her company that is unmatched.

2. The IIID Foundation

I first tried the IIID Foundation a few months prior to joining the company because I really wanted to know if I loved it enough to stand behind it. When I say I've never loved a makeup line quite like this, I mean it. I don't know how many times I told my husband "this is the best foundation I've ever used", "I love it so much!", before he was tired of it! 

3. The Community of Women

I'm sharing a little more in depth later this week about why I wanted to join a direct sales/MLM company, but the short version is that being in business and working from home can be incredibly lonely and even if you provide a valuable service, you still tend to feel like you aren't really helping anyone. I have a deep burning desire to help women find the same success in business that I have found in my other businesses and Maskcara is the perfect opportunity for me to do that.

4. True Beauty

Maskcara's mission is to help women see their true beauty, not to cover it up and make it look like someone they aren't. The first time I put on the IIID foundation, I looked in the mirror and felt super pretty, but surprisingly, I also felt like I wasn't wearing hardly any makeup at all. I wasn't sure how it was possible that those two things happened at the same time. But as soon as I put my before and after side by side, I realized that everything everyone said about this makeup is true... it's designed to bring out your best features!

5. The Numbers

One of the biggest reasons I've always been hesitant to sign up with a direct sales/MLM is because I've seen firsthand how critical it is that you get in when it's still new, and have faith in it growing! Avon has 6,000,000 distributors, Mary Kay is at 4,000,000, Younique is at 700,000, Senegence has about 170,000 and Maskcara is at a little over 3,000. It's VERY MUCH still a baby. In fact, my Artist ID # is 3205 - which I think means I was the 3,205th Artist to join (but I could be wrong on that).

6. The Compensation Plan

The compensation plan is one of the most lucrative I've seen - and trust me, I've heard a lot of MLM compensation plan schpills. But here's the important part... the compensation plan doesn't matter at all if you don't already have passion and excitement for the company and the product. 

7. The Freedom

Most of the time when you join a direct sales or MLM company, they have really strict rules around how you can brand and run your "independent" business within their company. They also create a lot of rules around competing companies, etc. I do understand why, however, I love that Maskcara allows freedom in how you want to run your business and promote their product. In fact, their whole goal is to have all of their Artists become a go to beauty resource for their customers. They actually tell Artists that if we don't have a product that is a fit for our customer, they want us to promote other brands. This enables me to still support friends of mine that have products that I love!

8. The Beautiful Branding

Of course, with my photography and design background, I recognize beautiful brands when I see them. And I'm instantly drawn to them. Little known secret... when I started my portrait studio, I wanted to bring in makeup, but I was super picky about the brand and packaging and presentation of the makeup I chose to bring in because I wanted it to align with the beautiful portrait brand I had created. So, Maskcara instantly stood out to me because they have done an absolutely gorgeous job of branding themselves.

9. The Mission

Maskcara Beauty believes that makeup should be used to enhance the true beauty in a woman's face, rather than covering it up. If it came down to choosing a beautiful life or a flawless face, our choice would be a beautiful life every time. But Maskcara believes it is possible to have both. They want to empower women to be confident in themselves and their choice to open up their amazing products into direct sales proves that they want women to be able to use this newly found confidence for a bigger purpose than themselves. This resonates with me so deeply that it was a no brainer.

10. My Upline

One really big determining factor of success within any direct sales or MLM company is your choice of upline/sponsor (who you choose to sign up under). I knew of several people personally who I COULD have chosen to sign up under, but I also knew their levels of business knowledge and desire to lead a team was maybe not where I would have wanted it to be. And that is okay, because see #7 above. Everyone who chooses to do this business has the freedom to make it whatever they want! There will definitely be people who may want to sign up under them because they feel like they are at that same level. But I knew that because I have a lot of business knowledge, I would also need a sponsor who had some business knowledge and could be somewhat of a partner in helping me grow. Which is what I like to think I am for my team! A partner to help them grow. It kills me when I read stories of others in this business who don't even have answers to the simplest of questions because their upline has zero involvement. I want to take them under my wing and help them grow it so they can find success and feel it.

Bottom line is... there is so much to love about Maskcara and I could talk about it all day, because I am that head over heels for it.

If this resonates with you on any level and you want more information, please don't hesitate to reach out. If you want to simply drop your name and email address below, I'd be happy to send you some information about what it looks like to become an artist. You deserve to have success and confidence, and with as many women as I see that have found success in this company, I can't help but hope the same for you