100 Days of Connection

This challenge will stretch you in ways you never knew you could or needed to be stretched, but I really encourage you to stick with it! You can start whenever you'd like, but don't procrastinate it.

1. Get a journal or journal app to record your thoughts and experiences during this 100 days.

My favorite way to journal is with an app called DayOne.

2. try something totally different with your look

3. begin learning the art of gratitude

Write 3 'Thank You' letters to people who have brightened your life.  You can do this via handwritten letter, text, or whatever method you prefer. But remember that people ALWAYS love handwritten notes!

4. Play a game on social media

There are a ton of ideas out there for things you can do for this, but here are a few Maskcara specific ideas: Spot the Shade, Spot the Difference, Finders Keepers, etc.

5. Stand outside your nearest sephora and tell people they are making a huge mistake shopping there

6. Set a new goal

A goal is just a dream until you have assigned a due date and made it specific enough to know when you've reached it. 

7. Support a friends business by referring people to them or posting about them on social media

One of the biggest things that sold me on Maskcara when I started looking into it was that they encourage their Artists to help their customers find the best products for them whether it be Maskcara products or not. I love this. I have a few friends who sell other brands of makeup and I don't have to feel guilty promoting them.

8. do a makeover on a friend to make her feel really beautiful

9. do something that you have been nervous about getting out of your comfort zone to try

10. Bare your maskcara testimony

Share your 'Why'! What makes you so passionate about making your Maskcara business successful? What are your top three reasons for starting this?

11. comment on 3 friends photos with personal compliments

12. post an unpopular opinion and ask your friends to share theirs

13. give everyone you talk to today your full mindful attention

In our world, we spend so much time multi-tasking (read: being distracted) and more often than not our minds are in a different place when we're talking with someone. I find this happening a lot with me and I try to catch myself and bring it back to the moment I'm in with the person I'm talking to.

14. leave 10 genuine comments on your friends social media posts

15. Start a motivational book or podcast

I have lists upon lists of books and podcasts that I love, but here are my top few to get you started!


By Shelly Coray
By Michelle McCullough
By Simon Sinek
By Bob Burg, John David Mann

Every Branch with Brooke Snow
Business Boutique Podcast with Christy Wright
Marie Forleo's Podcast

16. Share what's in your palette

17. introduce two friends who don't know each other

18. play a game on social media

19. share your old vs. new routine

20. share about someone outside of your family that you are grateful for

21. get outside and go for a walk - smile at everyone you see!

22. post something funny

23. Spend the day making an effort to remember the names of everyone you meet

24. Clean out your makeup bag and post a before/after picture

25. Explore your area. Go somewhere you've never been!

26. Share something you love about your hometown. Ask others to share about theirs in the comments.

27. Take some time to add birthdays to your calendar

28. Share a makeover Monday

29. Try to face shape match 5 people today! Appreciate the difference and beauty in each different shape.

30. Make a list of small businesses you could support by getting things you already buy from them

31. Call a friend you haven't spoken to in years to catch up - don't mention your new business!

32. Play a game on social media

33. Share a favorite beauty hack

34. Find someone who is making a difference in your area and write them a thank you letter

35. Go comment in the facebook Group with some words of encouragement

36. Invite someone over for dinner

37. Declutter your life!

Throw away, donate or give away anything in your life that doesn't bring you joy. If you're wanting a good book on this subject, you can read The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo. It was really fascinating to understand why we hold on to things and how freeing it is to get rid of them!

38. Post about your favorite eyeshadow combo

39. Say something kind to a stranger and strike up a conversation

40. Let go of something you've been holding on to

41. Think of a trait you've inherited and thank that person

42. Leave 10 genuine comments on your friends social media feeds

43. Make one effort to be positive all day

Positivity is a choice you make every moment of every day. There are lots of fascinating studies on the topic of positivity. I love Dr. Paul Jenkins and his perspective and explanation on Pathological Positivity. 

44. Think of a neighbor you aren't close to - Take them a treat and visit for a bit.

45. Take a selfie and share something you love about yourself.

46. Play a game on social media

47. Share a beauty tip your mom taught you

48. Write a handwritten letter to your mom and put it in the mailbox

49. Post your own two minute makeover on live video

50. Half way mark check in: Share with the group how you are doing.

51. Share a funny memory with a friend on social media

52. Keep your energy up by not eating anything that drags you down

53. Try a new social app you haven't gotten into yet

54. Take 5 minutes to meditate

55. Stay as disconnected from social media as possible and focus on face to face interactions

56. Leave 10 genuine comments on your friends social media pages

57. Offer to doll your neighbor up for a special event

58. Do something kind anonymously

59. Clean out your car

60. Play a game on social media

61. Share what you wish you could have told your high school self about makeup

62. Be vulnerable! Share something that is hard for you to open up about

63. Attend a parade

64. Do the swiftest makeup challenge and share it

65. Share your favorite (non-Mascara) makeup product on social media

66. Ask a question on the Facebook page or to an artist Who's technique you love

67. Look how far you've come! Journal about your favorite days so far and how they've helped you.

68. Do your makeup or makeovers to music and dance!

69. Focus on and serve your spouse/significant other

70. Leave 10 genuine comments on your friends social media feeds

71. While you're out make an effort to say hello to anyone you know! Even if it's just a quick 'Hi!'

72. What's your face shape? How do you HAC to enhance the things you love about it?

73. Share your favorite beauty icon and why?

74. Play a game on social media

75. Reach out and ask your friends for advice about something you're struggling with

76. Who do you follow online (or in person) that you admire?

Compile a list of things you love about them!

77. Share what you love about being an artist on a meaningful level

78. Post something non-makeup related on social media. Interact with everyone who comments.

79. Send or deliver flowers to someone you'd like to thank

80. Share your skin care routine and ask about others

81. Share an embarrassing moment

82. Facial Day! Get together with your girlfriends (or your husband) and do some homemade facial masks

83. Share your favorite memory of your dad

84. Leave 10 genuine comments on your friends social media feeds

85. What scares you? Share in the group.

86. Share your beauty travel tips!

87. Post about Highlight

88. Play a game on social media

89. Half/Half - Do half your face with IIID and half with your old foundation

90. Text someone your favorite thing about them, just becase

91. Do you have any favorite things that break traditional beauty views?

92. Post about contour

93. make a list of 25 things you are grateful for

94. Get super fancy and rock it!

95. Share your favorite ways to use illuminator

96. Try your favorite blush on your lips today

97. Write a list of 10 things you're really good at

98. Leave 10 genuine comments on your friends social media feeds

99. Free yourself of a fear by facing it

100. Journal about your experience with this 100 day challenge