Maskcara Beauty Free Samples

Samples are sent in limited quantities each month, and are in first come first serve order! :) So you definitely don't want to wait to submit your request.

If you're looking to get a sample of our IIID Foundation, please know that your brush IS going to make a really big difference in the result you get and ultimately your thoughts on the product. :) You can use a good high quality brush of your own. If you don't have one, you can consider purchasing a 30 Second HAC Brush. Take my word for it, it does make a difference! When I first used our foundation I wasn't sold, because I was using a less-than-ideal brush. As soon as I jumped for the brush, the game changed and I fell in love!

And, guess what? Maskcara has the most amazing 30 day return policy so if you get it, try it, and don't love it, you can send your brush back for a refund within 30 days of receipt date.

Those that purchase a 30 Second HAC brush will be bumped up in the line to get their samples faster! You'll find a link to do that immediately following submitting your form.